General Manager Remarks



10 years we're met many difficulties, but also gain many agreements and praises. Our ideal is to become a branded enterprise which got great social respect and support. We will be more diligent,continuously make progress to model our brand,make it become the pride of our Athos. We do not seek to be biggest or strongest,but professional that we do with professional talents. In this process, we emphasize teamwork, regardless of each other, timely communication to encounter the problems.

Facing the international financial crisis. Athos has stood the test, captured markets, kept updated business that we take a major step. We ushered in the international first-class enterprise partners. We're in line with international standards. We, all Athos members have the confidence, determination and will to create a "taste, quality, character" international brands.

In this decade, we always keep in mind the "responsibility, diligence, honor, thanksgiving", we always follow the "human manners", we always maintain and allies of the trust and loyalty, and thankful to all the friends'help. We have no flowery words, but will use our quality to return.

GM:Yang Cheng

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